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After 35 years of dedication to developing his craft, singer-songwriter Gordon Haskell finally broke-through to international audiences in 2001 with his hugely popular song ‘How Wonderful You Are’. The single achieved a No 2 UK chart position and gained widespread success throughout Europe. In 2002 his albums ‘Harry’s Bar’ and ‘Shadows on the Wall’ reached No 2 and No 44 respectively in the UK chart and achieved top 20 placements in Germany, France, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands. Both albums reached Gold status with the single selling in excess of 400,000 copies. To this day, ‘How Wonderful You Are’ remains BBC Radio Two’s most requested song of all time.

Gordon Haskell has often been described as ‘a brilliant mix of Bill Withers and James Taylor with the feel of J J Cale’ but ultimately he is a craftsman, with his own unique style and presence, who has been pleasing audiences with his warmth and golden voice for decades.