Gordon Haskell


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I believe it is time for a new beginning. The birth of a new world.
Our children are the future and a song filled with joy and innocence is as good as any place for a child to start.
Happy children stand a chance of becoming happy adults. I read it on the back of a bus shelter once. It must be true.

My new record ‘IT’S ME AND YOU AND THEM AND US’’ (IS THERE ANYONE THERE?) will be more than just a catchy song that children and adults tend to like. It is a part of a dream package that includes a beautiful illustrated book and a plan to turn it into an animated movie and musical. I am passionate about every word in the book, every word in the song. Because it goes deep only if you want it to. But all that book and film are the stuff of my dreams. I shall pursue them. Meanwhile…

I want the tides to turn. I will not pretend that everything is OK in the world just to be in ‘show business’. But I do still want to lift people’s spirits if I can. I believe that is part of my job.

I don’t really want to repeat which bands I have played in for the millionth time in talk shows. It’s today that matters to me. People have always loved me for my honesty. I don’t do baloney. It is an impossibility for me. My new record makes me feel good and smile. I hope it does the same for all of you, children and adults of the world.

As a footnote—‘’How wonderful you are’’ referred to our uniqueness, our individuality, our preservation of our dignity. The new record is aimed at continuing that faith in your own uniqueness. (Do you know…how wonderful you are?) And it’s fun. And fun is still legal as far as I can tell. I hope you feel good after hearing ‘’ME AND YOU AND THEM AND US’’

God Bless You All

Gordon Haskell